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Bonus Terms and Conditions

The bonus is a deal between Richy.Casino and the customer.
Richy.Casino provides the customer with funds for the game, and the customer takes responsibility for satisfying the wagering requirement before requesting the withdrawal of the bonus funds.

Bоnuses may have additional terms and conditions, so before activating a bonus we strongly advise that you read them carefully tо receive complete information and to avoid misunderstandings.

Bonus Terms

1) All the bonuses can be used by customers only once. In case we have any doubts that some users violate this rule, the company reserves the right to review such data as email address, IP-address, browser, phone number, account number, payment details and information on devices used in order to check the compliance with the mentioned condition.
2) There can only be one active bonus on an Account at any one time. Bonuses related to deposits are not cumulative. Bonuses are applied one after another. The next bonus will become available after an earlier bonus is redeemed or revoked.
3) All the players can take advantage of the bonuses. The bonus amount will be placed intо a Bonus Balance and will be kept separate from your Cash Balance.
4) The bonus and winnings received from it will be lost upon the expiry of the bonus. The average bonus validity period is 30 (thirty) days from the date of crediting.
5) The player is not allowed to abuse the bonus offers. In case of such abuse the Casino has the right to prohibit the Player from receiving any bonuses and to cancel any winnings received using bonus funds, both at the moment of wagering and after it.
6) The validity period of Richy.Casino the bonus free spins depends on the provider and is not subject to regulation by the casino.
7) Richy.Casino is entitled to change the terms and conditions of bonuses, to suspend or terminate them at any time.
8) The General Terms and Conditions apply.
9) The Player is not allowed to use any strategies while playing with an active bonus in order to fulfil the requirements to wager the bonus. If the Player uses such strategies, and if the Casino has sufficient grounds to believe that the Player's actions are aimed solely to obtain financial benefits using the bonus advantage, then the Casino reserves the right to cancel all Player's winnings.
10) All the bonuses are added according to UTC time zone.
11) All the bonuses have a minimum deposit requirement for obtaining the bonus, limitation of the maximum possible bonus amount, wagering terms, limitation of the maximum amount of bets while wagering, time limitation of bonus life, unless otherwise indicated.
12) The maximum allowed bet while playing with any bonus is 10 USD unless otherwise specified. The first deposit bonus is 100% but not more than 500 USD or equivalent in other currencies, unless otherwise specified. Max bet limit includes bets doubling after a game round has been completed as well as bonus rounds (purchased within the game).
13)The maximum amount of winning obtained via each deposit bonus, including any deposit bonuses, weekly reload bonuses, cashback bonus, CPs, tournament winnings, local jackpots, loyalty bonuses and others is: 20,000 USD or equivalent in other currencies, unless otherwise indicated. Winnings using bonus funds exceeding these values cannot be withdrawn and will be cancelled.
14) The maximum amount of winning obtained via any non-deposit cash bonuses or free spins is 200 USD or equivalent in other currencies, unless otherwise indicated. Winnings using bonus funds exceeding these values cannot be withdrawn and will be cancelled.
15) The maximum winnings that will be paid out resulting from any free spins deposit bonus will be 200 USD. Any winnings exceeding this amount will be forfeited upon withdrawal. Please note that until withdrawal of relevant balance is processed, funds on the balance will be considered a subject to maximum winnings rule.
16) The winnings obtained by using bonuses become available for withdrawal only after meeting the requirements of all wagering rules.
17) All the bonuses are non-sticky. It means, you cannot request your bonus funds withdrawal until wagering requirements are fully fulfilled. Also, you start playing for real money first, then for bonus money, and as soon as bonus money is lost, the bonus also gets lost.
18) At the end of the bonus period, if the bonus remains valid and the conditions of wagering are not met, all bonus money and winnings are void.
19) A player can request a withdrawal of their deposit before meeting the requirements for bonus wagering. In this case, the amount of the bonus and winnings are void, and the remaining funds, if any, are paid to the player.
20) A player has the right to cancel any bonuses without proceeding to their wagering, without any loss of their own funds.
21) Bonuses are automatically cancelled upon active balance reaching the amount of 0.01 USD or less. This term only applies to balance tied to a bonus.
22) In the event of any dispute, the decision of Richy Casino will be final.
23) You can make a withdrawal request before the bonus is redeemed. However, in this event the bonus amount and the winnings received while redeeming the bonus will be canceled.
24) All winnings received from playing using bonus funds and requested for withdrawal are to be verified by the Company before the payment is processed. Depending on the outcome of the verification, the Company reserves the right to request the customer provide their personal data and payment method confirmation details.

25) All bonuses require deposits made by the user. In order for the user to withdraw funds received as a result of bonus games, he needs to make at least one deposit. Minimum deposit amount - $50

Welcome package

To get the first deposit bonuses, your deposit shall be at least 10 USD.
Players receive a first deposit bonus - 150%, 200 free spins, 200 Satoshi, 300 lottery tickets.
Maximum First deposit bonus amount is 500 USD.

Note that this offer is only available if you make a deposit no later than within 1 hour since registration.

Wagering requirement

To wager the bonus / free spin result, you need to make bets for an amount 30 times the bonus / free spin result amount.
Maximum win from the free spins is 200 USD.
After the bonus has been redeemed, your main account will be credited with the remaining bonus funds, but can not exceed the initial bonus amount. If, after the bonus is redeemed, the bonus account balance is less than the minimum stake amount, the bonus is deemed to have been lost.

Note that sports bets with odds lower than 2 will not be used for bonus wagering. In case users place such bets during the wagering process (regarless of real or bonus funds were used), they will be cancelled and the stake amount refunded.

Free Bitcoin and Wheel of Fortune

Every hour players can receive from 200 Satoshi to 0.1 BTC to the real balance.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 USDT and the equivalent in other cryptocurrencies.

Every 24 hours players receive a random amount of cryptocurrency to the real balance.

Players are not allowed to abuse free no deposit bonuses and create multiple accounts to receive free bonuses.
In case of detection of fraud on the part of the players, Richy casino has the right to cancel all free bonuses received by the player.
To withdraw received free bonuses, the casino reserves the right to request identification from players.

These bonuses are only active for users who have made a minimum deposit of $50 (or the equivalent amount in other currencies)

Bonus cancellation

Any customer may decline all or any individual promotions in the bonus wallet settings or by contacting the support.

When canceling a bonus, your bonus balance hits "zero" and you do not need to meet wagering requirements any longer.

You can decline to continue meeting bonus wagering requirements in your Account. If the bonus has been declined after it was partially redeemed, any winnings generated while redeeming the bonus will be canceled.

Abuse of bonuses

Bonus abuse by Players is not permitted. The following ratio of bonuses received in relation to deposits is as deemed abuse: 70% bonus funds received on between 5 and 9 deposits; 50% bonus funds received on 10 or more deposits. In the event of such abuse, the Company reserves the right to prohibit the Player from receiving any bonuses and cancel any winnings obtained using bonus funds both during wagering and after it.

Richy.Casino reserves the right to review the transaction history and customer logs for any reason and at any time. If during such a review misuse of bonuses by a player is revealed, the bookmaker has the right to cancel the bonuses for this customer.

If administration determines that while redeeming a bonus you use gaming strategies not approved by Richy.Casino, Richy is entitled to apply penalty measures and exclude you from current and all future promotions.

Here are several known examples of clearing a bonus wagering requirement strategies which we consider unacceptable:

- Placing a high volume of bets which has a minimal impact on your balance. One example of this strategy can be betting on all numbers on a roulette or simultaneous betting on red and black.

- Placing big bets (over 5 USD) with the aim of increasing the bonus balance rapidly and then dramatically reducing the stakes (more than twofold) for no apparent reason and with a sufficient account balance. Each of these cases will be considered separately by the Service administration.

- Placing big bets in games with a low contribution (stake percentage that counts towards the wagering requirement) and then placing smaller bets in games with a larger contribution.

- Delaying any round of any game, including free spins and bonuses, to a later time when there are no wagering requirements and/or restrictions on making new deposits while free spins and bonuses are still available in the game.

- Any combinations of the above gaming tactics.

When abuse of bonuses by a customer is identified, Richy.Casino is entitled to apply the following measures to the customer: canceling all existing bonuses and bonus winnings; blocking the customer’s account.

You are strongly advised to provide your actual telephone number during registration, as Richy might use it to confirm your identity. If it is not possible to get in touch with you, Richy is entitled to apply restrictions on the use of bonuses, as well as to block your account.