Each player can win a Jackpot, for this he needs to bet in any games - slots from Providers, Richy Games, Live Games.

Prize Pool

The prize fund is formed from the shares of all bets made on the platform. The prize pool is credited with 0.01% of the bet amount. A share of stakes in various currencies is automatically converted into USD and transferred to the Jackpot prize pool.

How the winner is chosen

At the start of the next Jackpot round, we randomly form a unique winning number consisting of 7 digits. This is the winning combination.

Each bet in the system has a unique identifier, which consists of 12 numbers.

The winning bet will be the one in which 7 in 12 digits coincide with the winning combination.

For example, the winning combination is 7428426

The winning bet will be with the ID 279478046592

The jackpot can be won with any bet.

So place more bets and increase your chance of winning the Jackpot!

If you win a Jackpot and are playing Casino Games in a different currency, the amount won is converted into the currency that you play in and credited to your Account. The Jackpot counter might be displayed in a currency other than what you are playing in.